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Brewing Times at Araku Valley!

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South India is almost synonymous with Filter Coffee. Exotic, addictive, dark, rich, steamy, indulgent are adjectives that fall short of the experience. Though Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are traditional leaders in coffee production, Andhra Pradesh too is soon catching up! Under the new regions that cultivate coffee, are also the "Seven Sister States of India."

Indian Coffee is grown under the shade of monsoon rainfalls and hence are sometimes referred to as "Indian monsooned coffee". Nowhere else in the world is coffee grown under shady conditions in such a large scale. The rich flavours of Indian coffee and advanced ways of cultivation means that 80 percent of the annual coffee production is exported.

Brewing Times at Araku Valley!


The historic smuggling of coffee seeds from Yemen by saint Baba Budan is said to mark the beginning of Coffee plantations in India. Saint Baba Budan returned home from the holy pilgrimage to Mecca and on the way, he couldn't resist to share among fellow Indians the wonders of the strange beverage called 'coffee'. This saint also has a hill named after him at Chikmagalur called Baba Budan Giri.

Brewing Times at Araku Valley!

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Araku Valley in Vishakapatnam is well-known as one of the top film shooting locations of the South. A space inhabited by various tribes and pollution next to nil, Araku Valley is a must-visit on your tour to Vishakapatnam. Araku Emerald, a leading brand in foreign export, started its project as India's first tribal growers' organic coffee brand.

The concern over the welfare of adivasis (tribal people) in this area has drawn large number of people over the years. The Naandi Foundation was the one which put in efforts to help farmers treat their land and crops with an advanced twist. Following which emerged the Araku Emerald, rich and organic, sun-dried and hand-picked! With flavours foreign to Indian tongue, the coffee produced in the Araku Valley are already a personal favourite to many.

Brewing Times at Araku Valley!

Coffee is harvested from October to March in India. If you're a travel enthusiast or coffee lover, Araku Valley has an experience to offer that is unique to any other. Even if you are an art lover, Araku Valley might just make it to your to-visit list. Sensual art is the trending subject for today. The coffee powder and brew is used for unique paintings these days. Be it fabric or paper, coffee gels well.

Located 114 km away from Vishakapatnam, Araku Valley is well-connected by road and rail. With its proximity to the Odisha border, Araku Valley receives tourists from Odisha as well. Coffee is an integral part of our daily routine. The early morning cup of filter coffee with newspaper by the window is a classic example of a South Indian morning. Visit the Araku Valley as a tribute to the adivasis there or simply to indulge your senses in the exotic flavours of coffee and nature!

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