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5 Birthplaces of Famous Rivers of North India

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

Isn't it so wonderful that a small spring cascades across boundaries to form a huge river? We can't even imagine their enormity but we do know their importance. Rivers are lifeline of people, they provide drinking water as well as water for the irrigation. In India, rivers are related to mythologies and are also given a divine status. However, we have seen them flow across several places but do we know their birth places? Yes, this article will tell you about the birth places of famous rivers of North India.

Shall we begin!

Gangotri - Ganga


Ganges River at Gangotri
PC: Atarax42

River Ganga or Ganges is one of the biggest rivers in world. She is sacred and she is a mother goddess to India. Yes, River Ganga is born in Gangotri Glacier and joins the stream at the town of Gangotri in Uttarkashi. She originates in the Greater Himalayan Ranges and has a huge drainage basin. In Uttarkashi, she is known as Bhagirathi which gets changed to Ganga after reaching Devprayag. Gangotri has a temple for Ganga and is one of the temples in Chota Char Dham Yatra.



River at Yamunotri
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Yamuna is a tributary of Ganges River and one of the major rivers in India. River Yamuna originates in the Yamunotri Glacier at Garhwal Himalayas. The shrine of Yamunotri at Uttarkashi is one of the major temples in Chota Char Dham Yatra. No doubt, Yamunotri is also one of the beautiful birth places of the famous rivers of North India.



Canal at Pilhibit
PC: Makks2010

Mythologically, Gomti River is said to be the daughter of Sage Vashisht. Today, Gomti River is one of the prominent rivers of North India. She is also a tributary of Ganges who originates at Gomt Taal in the sub-Himalayan ranges of Pilibhit. The Gomti River also has a large drainage area which forms the lifeblood of people.



PC: Vinayak.razdan

It is said that Goddess Parvathi took the form of Vitasta to purify the land. This Vitasta is none other than the Jhelum River. The town of Verinag in Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir is the birth place of Jhelum river. The Verinag Spring is said to be the main source of Jhelum river. In fact, it was the Mughal Emperor Jahangir who found a spring and created a Mughal garden around it. Today, it is one of the beautiful places in Jammu and Kashmir.

Beas River - Rohtang Pass

Beas River

Beas River at Himachal Pradesh
PC: AthulBiju94

Beas River originates in Rohtang Pass of Himachal Pradesh. Legends relate Beas River to sage Vyasa and today the Vyasa Kund is believed to be the source of this river. Beas River, which is also called as Bias River is one of the prominent rivers in North India.

The mythology related to these rivers and their enchanting origins are worth exploring. Some are religious places and some are historical places. However, they have a unique charm which is wortwhile to explore.

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