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Basic Tips For Beach Travel

By Akshatha

Want your beach trip to be more enjoyable and hassle-free? Have a look at these simple tips for beach travel. A day in the beach can be very relaxing and at the same time irritating sometimes. So, here we bring you some simple tips for you to follow during the beach vacation.

Watching Your Luggage

One usual problem we face while visiting beaches is about watching over the luggage. Unless your car is parked nearby or you are staying in a nearby hotel, this problem exists. So better carry fewer items as possible because you have to carry it around everywhere. In case, you want to keep your electronic gadgets while playing then put them in plastic cover and close it tightly. Now you can easily carry your gadgets like phone even when you are playing in water.


PC: Aleksandr Zykov

Clothes and Societal Barriers

Of course, beaches are for bikinis and stuff but in places like India there is some kind of restrictions when it comes to attire. It is okay if it is a place like Goa but there are some un-announced regulations. So, wear an attire which can keep you from unwanted stares. Dress according to your comfort and societal norms in beaches where it is necessary.

Don't Bother About the Sand

Your body will be smeared in sand once you start playing in the beaches. Don't worry too much. Just rub off some baby powder before washing it all. The sand will come out easily and you don't have to struggle much.

Safety First

Don't become over exited and go swimming in the restricted areas. Please follow the rules laid out by the officials. Don't go too far into the sea as it can be quite risky.

Things to Bring

Carry a mat, some snacks, sunscreen, a hat or an umbrella on your beach trip. Sit on the mat comfortably and have snacks enjoying the scenic views.


Please do not litter the beach. Carry some covers to put all your used bottles and chips packets, etc. Use a dustbin to throw all the garbage.

Bring extra clothes

Most beaches have changing rooms. So always carry spare clothes while you travel to beaches. It is a done deal that you will play in water once you go there. So, it is better to be precautious so that you won't have to walk around in wet clothes later.

Keep these simple tips for beach travel for a wonderful beach vacation.

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