» »Temples Dedicated to Animals in India - Part 2

Temples Dedicated to Animals in India - Part 2

By Akshatha Vinayak

It is a common sight in India to see people praying to a cow on the roads. Lining up for blessings from the temple elephants is also one of the popular beliefs. The Hindu religion provides a divine status for most of the animals. Not getting what is going on?!

We are back again to take a tour around a few more animal temples in India! Confused, you have not read the first part yet? Take a look at Temples Dedicated to Animals in India - Part 1.

Shall we explore more temples where animals have a divine status?

Ananthapura Lake Temple

Crocodile in Ananthapuram Temple Lake

Photo Courtesy: Vinayaraj

Ananthapuram Lake Temple - Crocodile Temple

The crocodile in the Ananthapura temple tank is believed to be guarding the shrine. Interestingly, there is only one alligator in the lake for many years. No one knows where or how it has come to this lake. Surprisingly, it is even a vegetarian and eats food offered by the temple priests!

Fishes Sringeri

Fishes in Sringeri

Photo Courtesy: Philanthropist 1

Sringeri - Holy Fish

Anyone who visits Sringeri shouldn't miss out on the holy fishes in the Tunga river. Stand on the bridge and look at the incredible sight of the fishes! In this area, fishing is prohibited as they are considered sacred. Do put some food and see how they jump out of the water to grab on to the food! Do not be surprised if you spot some with nose rings as they peek out of the water.

Kali Singh Temple

In Sisauli, people go to Kali Singh Temple to pray for the well-being of their pet animals. It is not a temple built for God but constructed in the memory of a local veterinarian Kali Singh. The popular belief is that Kali Singh will bless their cattle and pet animals. Doesn't this give you a good feeling?!

Bull Temple Bangalore

Bull Temple in Bengaluru

Photo Courtesy: Sarvagnya

Bull Temple

It is said that a live bull turned into a stone idol and even grew in this state. The folklore of Bull Temple has made it one of the prime attractions in Bengaluru. The Nandi (bull) idol here is one of the biggest statues in India.

Kapaleeswarar Temple - Peacock Temple

A popular legend of Kapaleeswarar Temple is that goddess Parvati (Karpagambal) worshipped Lord Shiva (Kapaleeshwara) in the form of a peacock. Hence, the region around the temple got the name as Mylapore. It is one of the famous Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu.

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Photo Courtesy: Aleksandr Zykov

Logically, it is not difficult to understand why such temples are built or why animals play such a bigger role in our lives. Animals are the best companions who are also helping us sustain our life. It is sad that we are misusing them in many ways.

It is also sad to see elephants chained up in the temples. If not anything, we should try not to take away their freedom. When they are giving us so many things, don't they deserve a temple at least?

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