» »Adithyapuram Sun Temple – The Only Sun Temple In Kerala

Adithyapuram Sun Temple – The Only Sun Temple In Kerala

By Siji Ram

There are several unique temples in Kerala, making it one of the important pilgrim destinations in India. Each of these temples has a story to convey, a legend worth exploring.

The Adithyapuram Sun Temple is one such wonder in Kerala that is a must visit. It is the only Sun Temple or Surya Temple in Kerala. Let us get to know more about this marvellous temple.

Location Of Adithyapuram Sun Temple

The temple is located at Iravimangalam, around 3 km away from Kaduthuruthy in Kottayam district.

adithyapuram temple

Legend Behind The Temple

There are no factual evidences on when the temple was built, but there is an interesting legend associated with it. Once, a Brahmin performed a deep meditation to please the Sun God. The God, pleased with the Brahmin's devotion, appeared before him and instructed him to build a temple for him there. It is believed that the rituals and pujas were observed there since that day.

Architecture Of The Adithyapuram Sun Temple

The sanctum sanctorum, known as the Sreekovil, is circular in shape. The West facing idol is made of a stone that can absorb oil. It is interesting to know that when water is sprinkled on the idol as a part of 'abhishekam', no traces of oil are found, despite the idol being offered oil before that. Another interesting fact of the temple is that the Navagraha idols are not worshipped here.

adithyapuram temple

Other Deities, Pujas And Offerings Of The Temple

The other deities here include Devi, Sastha and Yakshi. The major offerings done here are Adithyapooja (believed to cure skin and eye related diseases) and Enna abhishekam (bath with oil). Some of the offerings done by devotees to cure their illnesses include 'ada nivedyam' and 'raktha chandana samarpanam'.

Festivals At The Temple

Vrishchikam and Medam are the most important months for festivities. The last Sundays of these months are considered auspicious.

adithyapuram temple

Other Famous Temples In Kottayam

Apart from this unique temple, there are several other temples in Kottayam like Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple, Kumaranalloor Karthyayani Devi Temple and Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple.

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