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Toda Rai Singh Town is a city and municipality in the Tonk district of Rajasthan. It was established during the 4th century by the Nagas and was later ruled by the Yuhilas of Chatsu and the Chauhans of Ajmer. It served as the capital to Solanki Rajputs during the 15th and 16th centuries. The town is named after Rail Singh Sisodia who was a famous ruler of this place. He happened to be a Mughal 'Mansoobdar' during the reign of Shah Jahan. There are a large number of tourist attractions in Toda Rai Singh. Some of the popular attractions are Shree Kileshwar Mahadev, Naharsingh Mata, Aam Sagar, Budh Sagar, Sant Pipa ji ki Gupha, Kushal Bag, Hadi Rani Ki Baori (kund), Raja Rai Singh's Mahal, Isar Baori and Bhopat Baori. There are many beautiful temples present here, as well. These include temples of Kalyanji, Raghoraiji, Gopinathji and Govinddeoji, to name a few.


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