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Tamenglong Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Tamenglong

  • 01Zeilad Lake

    Zeilad Lake

    The Tamenglong district of Manipur has the most number of lakes. In fact, it is the only area of the state which has so many water bodies. The only exception is Loktak Lake in Imphal district. Zeilad Lake is one of the many lakes in Tamenglong and the most famous one too.

    Situated on a high platform up on the hill, the lake is noted for its picturesque location and abundant scope for adventure. There are many pythons, fish, tortoises and water birds that have made the Zeilad Lake their home. It is another reason people come visiting the Lake. Many migratory birds also come here every day.

    Zeilad Lake has recently been declared as one of the four wildlife sanctuaries of Manipur. Zeilad Lake is located at Makoi near the town of Tamenglong. There are six other lakes near to Zeilad, some of which are Nrou Zei, Guiphop Zei and Nap-sam Zei.

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  • 02Tharon Cave

    Tharon Cave

    Located 27 km from the district headquarters of Tamenglong, Tharon Cave is a 655.6 m long cave. Tharon Cave, also spelled as Thaeuluan Cave, has five exits and 34 joints. Excavations on the cave have revealed evidences of the Hobinian culture of North Vietnam and prove that it has been there for ages.

    For those who want to explore the inside of the cave, the map of the entire 655.6 m long cave is drawn at the entrance of the cave. This helps the enthusiasts to locate each and every nook and turn inside the cave and also figure out the alley ways inside.

    The map is engraved and painted on the stone at the entrance. Tharon Cave is an interesting destination for adventurers. If you are visiting Manipur do not forget to include the Tharon Cave in your itinerary as this will definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

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  • 03Buning N-piulong Valley

    Buning N-piulong Valley

    The Buning Meadow also known as the N-piulong Valley is another popular tourist attraction of Tamenglong district. Located in the Tamei town, the Buning Meadow is a stretch of uneven small mounts. Many orchids grow in the meadow making it very beautiful, especially during the summers, precisely the month of June.

    Wild lilies also grow in N-piulong. Hoolock, gibbons and foxes are some of the animals that can be found in the Buning Meadow. It can easily be said that the Buning Meadow is a spectacle of flora and fauna that are not to be found everywhere. It is places such as the Buning Meadow that have made Tamenglong such a well-known tourist destination of Manipur.

    Just when the summers are approaching, during the springs, the meadow adorns itself like a beautiful bride. Orchids, wild lilies and several other colourful little flowers decorate the mounts creating an almost unimaginable picture.

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  • 04Orange Festival

    Orange Festival

    Tamenglong happens to be the largest producer of oranges in Manipur. Using oranges as a good reason to bring more business and boost the tourism of the district, every year the Orange Festival is held in Tamenglong. The Orange Festival is organised during the month of December where participants come from not only the district but the rest of the state and region.

    The Orange Festival is organised every year with the aim of promoting the largest produced fruit of the district. In its backdrop, the festival also helps boost socio-cultural activity in the state. Today, the Orange Festival is one of the major tourist attractions of Manipur.

    Apart from being a platform for traders to meet and improve trade relations, during the Orange Festival several musical and cultural programmes are also held. One of the major attractions of the festival is the Orange Beauty Queen contest where girls from all over the state come to participate.

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  • 05River Barak - The Seven Waterfalls

    One of the most visited destinations in Tamenglong is the river Barak and the accompanying famous seven waterfalls. The seven waterfalls are at close range adding to the beauty of the place. The Barak river that flows through Tamenglong is a major source of irrigation and water to the district. Spending a day picnicking on the banks of the river is one of the best ways to spend a holiday.

    Since tourism in Tamenglong is still in its nascent stages, the seven waterfalls have remained more or less untouched, magnifying the beauty of the falls. The blue greenish water, the soft gurgling sound, the cool waters gushing from the hills to the plains makes a sight that cannot be easily forgotten.

    The fact that all the seven waterfalls fall together magnify the beauty of the place. Water sports and rafting are common here. One of the falls is known as the Khoudong waterfall.

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