Sankaran Koil, Srivilliputhur

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Sankaran Koil is home to the famous Sankara Narayan temple located just forty five kilometers from the temple town of Srivilliputhur. One who has visited Srivilliputhur should visit this place in order to see the magnificent architecture of the time. The temple is situated on the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. According to the locals the temple is built by Ukira Pandiyan around 900 AC. The town is very famous for the Adi thabasu festival that takes place in the temple premises.

There is a very interesting story behind the formation of this temple. This temple carries its own legacy and is do considered to be very auspicious by locals. The geographic elevation of the temple is 52 meters. The Adi thabasu festival takes place for twelve days in the month of August. Moreover there are very famous spots in and around this municipality area where a lot of people visit for a picnic.

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