Vatapatrasayi temple, Srivilliputhur

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The deity Perumal is in the form of Vatapatrasayi in the Vatapatrasayi temple of Tamil Nadu. This temple is one of the most famous temple in Srivilliuputhur. This temple is considered as one of the greatest places of Vaishnavite tradition. It is being said by the experts that the temple has been built before 1 B.C. Another greatest significance of the temple is that this temple is mentioned in the famous Brahmakaivatsa puranam. It is true that there were renovations that took place in the temple during the period of Madurai Nayak.

There are six worship services that take place all around the year in the temple premises. The deity is considered to be very auspicious by the locals, and there is a myth that whoever visits the temple gets his or her wish fulfilled. It is the holiest among all the one hundred and eight divyams. Thousands of pilgrims visit the temple premises all over the years and mainly during the festivals.

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