Andal Temple, Srivilliputhur

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Located in the Virudhinagar district of Tamil Nadu, Srivilliputhur is an ancient town famous for its Andal Temple. It is true that this temple is more than two thousand years old. According to the Hindu mythology, this place is considered to be very sacred as one of the divya deshams of the lord is here. The temple is located just at a distance of seventy four kilometers from Madurai. This temple is perhaps one of the greatest portrayals of Dravidian architecture. The lord in the temple is in a reclining posture.

Moreover, the hall situated situated just below the sanctum is a well decorated hall with wooden carvings. The greatest achievement of this temple is that the picture of the temple tower is being used by the Government of Tamil Nadu in their official seal. There are two important festivals that take place in the temple premises. One is the Aani Alwar Utsavam and the other is the Enaikappu.

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