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Srivilliputhur - The Temple Town Of Tamil Nadu


Situated in the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu, Srivilliputhur is the most auspicious temple town of the state. This place is famous for a lot of reasons. The place has an ancient history that has a legacy of its own. The temples in this town are renowned all across the country and are considered to be very auspicious by the people of the state.

The place has a population of seventy-three thousand one hundred and eighty-three people. The male population is thirty-six thousand four hundred and eleven people and the female population is thirty six thousand seven hundred and seventy-two people. There are, moreover, eighteen thousand nine hundred and eleven households in the town.

Palkova is a traditional sweet that is being manufactured in this place, and this sweet makes this place famous amongst the Tamils. The sweet is made of milk and sugar, and it tastes absolutely delicious.

The eleven-towered structure situated in the place is the landmark of the town as it is dedicated to Lord Srivilliputhur. The lord is known as Vatapatrasayee and is considered to be very powerful. The place is famous for some great festivals that take place every year.

Tourist Places In And Around Srivilliputhur

There are various places of tremendous interest in this famous temple town. The most important place is the Sri Andal Temple, which is regarded as the most auspicious amongst the one hundred and eight Divya Desams. The deity here in this place is the most important abode of Lord Vishnu.

Peritzhvar and Andal, the two most important Alwars of the Tamil history were born in this place. Moreover, the Vatapatrasayee Temple is also there in this place, and the deity in this temple is known as Rangamannar. During deluge, the lord actually rests in the form of a baby in the banyan tree leaf. This leaf is known as Vatapatram.

The Sathuragiri Hills are also located near this place where you can find the abode of Lord Siddhar as well. The image of Natarajar, which is six feet long, is found in the Madavar Vilagam Vaidhyanathar Temple. This temple also has an ancient history of its own.

Kallagar is in the form of Kattalagar in the Katallagar Koil that is situated at a distance of nine kilometres from Srivilliputhur. The temple is located over the Mantuga hills. All through the year the Theertha Thotti water flows in this place.

There are many who come in this town during the Car Festival, which is known by the locals as the Thaer Thiruvizha. The festival is very famous. Thousands of tourists from all across the state visit these places in order to get an enriched view on the Tamil history and culture.

History Of The Place

Queen Malli was the ruler of this temple town of Srivilliputhur many centuries ago. Villi and Kandan were the two sons of the queen. Kandan was killed by a tiger while both of them were hunting in the forest. Villi got the narration from god about what had happened to his brother while he was sleeping in the forest. Due to this divine order, Villi founded a city in the midst of the forest, and this city was absolutely beautiful.

The city was originally known as Villiputhur, but due to the birth of the Divine Lord Sri Andal, the city came to be known as Srivilliputhur. In Tamil, it is known as Thiruvilliputhur. The town is being referred in many religious Tamil texts, and there were many saints who have used the name of this city as reference in their literary work.

Best Time To Visit Srivilliputhur

The best season in the town of Srivilliputhur is definitely the spring.

How To Reach Srivilliputhur

The place is connected to other major cities by rail and road. Madurai is the nearest airport to Srivilliputhur.

Srivilliputhur is Famous for

Srivilliputhur Weather

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Best Season / Best Time to Visit Srivilliputhur

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How to Reach Srivilliputhur

  • By Road
    One can reach the auspicious town of Sriviliputhur by road in many ways. Here are private car services along with bus services. There is a central bus depot in the Srivilliputhur town along with other depots in and around the district.
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  • By Train
    The nearest rail station is the Srivilliputhur. One can easily access the town from anywhere in the state. There are several rail routes throughout the state and one can choose the route according to their journey list. The Srivilliputhur rail station is located in the Virudhinagar-Tenkasi chord line.
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  • By Air
    One has to take a flight to Madurai as it is the air destination that one takes in order to reach the place. From there, one has to take the help of private car services to reach the place. Moreover one can also come from Chennai as well.
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