Sathuragiri Hills, Srivilliputhur

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Sathuragiri hills are perhaps one of the best tourist spots in the entire state of Tamil Nadu. It is located ten kometres from the temple town of Srivuilliputhur. This area is primarily a panchayat area and this is place is named in such manner as the locals do have a believe that the four Vedas met together and formed the hill. There are many who refer the place as the Mahalingam hill. It is true that the Sathuragiri is the abode of Lord Vishnu. The deity is in the bending position.

It takes one person around four to five hours to climb up the hill. Annadhanam or free food by the temple authority is being provided to the pilgrims every day. There is a Maha Kali Temple in Taniparai and powerful Yognas are conducted in that place. The place called Taniparai is situated in the Sathuragiri hills. One has to bear in mind that there is no cell phone connectivity on the hill top.

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