Pilavakkal, Srivilliputhur

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Pilavakkal is a small village located near the famous temple town of Srtivilliputhur. The village is also near Watrap. Moreover one takes less than an hour to reach the temple premises in order to reach the village. The village is famous for a dam. This dam has been serving the locals for years. Agriculture in that particular area has increased to an enormous scale as one can easily take water from the dam for the purpose of irrigation. The local farmers of the area have benefitted a lot after the construction of this dam.

The Government has been trying hard to develop the surrounding areas in a larger level. It is true that the place has already garnered interest among the locals as it is one of the famous picnic spots in the entire district. After being more developed by the State Government, it will prove to be more beneficial to the local inhabitants as more and more people will come to visit the place.


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