Gommatesvara Statue, Sravanabelagola

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On a trip to Sravanabelagola, tourists 'must visit' Gommatesvara Statue that is the prime attraction of the city. This 17 metre (58 feet) statue is the highest monolithic idol of Lord Gommatesvara in the world. This idol was built by the King Rajamalla of the Ganga Empire and his General Chamundaraya.

Upon reaching the site, travellers would get the chance to see inscriptions written in Kannada and Tamil language. These inscriptions appreciate the effort of King and his General in constructing the Gommatesvara Statue.

Thousands of devotees, especially Jains, visit Sravanabelagola city during the festival of 'Mahamastakabhisheka' that is organised once in 12 years. Mahamastakabhisheka festival involves ceremonial smearing of the Gommatesvara Statue. The world's highest monolithic statue is bathed with saffron, ghee, milk, curd, gold coins and various other items.

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