Bhandaribasadi Temple, Sravanabelagola

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Tourists on a trip to Sravanabelagola are 'recommended' to visit Bhandaribasadi Temple. With the size of 266 feet x 78 feet, this temple is the largest Jain pilgrimage site in the Sravanabelagola city. It was built by Hulla (the treasurer of Hoysala King) in the year 1126. Bhandaribasadi Temple, also known as Chaturvimshati-Jinalaya, has Bukkaraya inscription that belong to Vijayanagara period. The inscriptions found at this temple depict war between Jains and Sri Vaishnavas. According to a local belief, Bhandaribasadi Temple was constructed at different stages.

Upon reaching this temple, devotees get the chance to explore Sabha Mantapa, Antarala, Garba Griha and Mukha Mantapa. Idols of Gods and Goddesses, namely Yakshi, Brahma and Padmavathi have been placed inside the Antarala. In addition, 3 feet high idols of 24 prophets can be found on an ornamental pedestal. Bhandaribasadi Temple has 3 doorways that are embellished with beautifully carved figures of animals and humans.

Devotees visiting Bhandaribasadi Temple would notice the carved image of Lord Indra with 12 arms on the entrance door. Moreover, a Manasthambha has been kept at the main entrance of this temple.

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