Chandragiri Temple, Sravanabelagola

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Tourists are 'recommended' to visit Chandragiri Temple that is situated on the top of Chandragiri Hills in Sravanabelagola. It is one of the most popular Jain shrines, which was constructed by Chamundaraya, who was the disciple of Achraya Nemichandra Siddhanta-chakravarti. This site, also known as Iruve Brahmadeva Temple, is one of the twenty Jain sites located in the Chandragiri Hills. Devotees can view the inscriptions at this site, which belong to 10th century. With the help of these inscriptions, scholars were able to decipher the history of Kannada language and literature.

Chandragiri Temple is the perfect example of the country's cultural and historical architecture and sculpture. Good quality granite stones were used during the construction of Chandragiri Temple. Upon reaching this site, travellers would get the chance to enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding areas.

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