Marikamba Temple, Sirsi

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Travellers on a trip to Sirsi must visit the 17th century Sri Marikamba Temple that is located in Sirsi, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka. Devotees visit this temple to offer prayers to a 7 feet high statue of a wooden deity.

According to local belief, the wooden statue of Goddess Shri Marikamba, the deity worshipped in Uttara and Dakshin Kannada, was found in a tank on the outskirts of the town. In 1611, Sadashiva Rao II, the King of Sonda, gave orders to install the wooden deity at this place. This idol is considered to be the biggest idol and site devoted to Marikamba in Karnataka.

Apart from the wooden deity, devotees can see the popular Kavi art that can be found on both sides of walls of the Sri Marikamba Temple. Marikamba Jaathre is a festival celebrated at Marikamba Temple biennially and attended by lacs of devotees from different regions of the country.

Pilgrims believe that the existence of Marikamba Temple safeguards the region from natural calamities and keeps evil at bay. Located at 2500 ft above sea level, this temple overlooks hills, picturesque thick deciduous forest and several waterfalls.

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