Ramgarh, Sikar

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Ramgarh is a town located at a distance of 54 km from Sikar. This town was founded by Rao Raja Devi Singh in the year 1791. It is famous for several cenotaphs, temples, havelis, and ethnic handicrafts. Tourists can see here Ram Gopal Poddar Cenotaph, Tara Chand Ghanshyam Das Poddar Haveli, Baij Nath Ruhia Haveli, Ram Gopal Poddar Haveli, and Gopi Ram Bagaria Haveli. Apart from these, Motilal Sanwaika Haveli, Shani Dev Temple, Ganga Temple, Balaji Temple, and Man Ji Khemka Haveli are other noted tourist attractions of the place.

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