Mahanadi River, Sambalpur

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The Mahanadi River literally translates as a “great river”. With a total course of over 858 km, the river truly is great. The States of Chhattisgarh and Odisha owe a large portion of their existence and livelihood to the Mahanadi River and the silt deposits from the river. The entire river is not open to boating due to the construction of numerous dams as this construction has rendered the river non-navigable for the large part.

The river is largely seasonal. Apart from the monsoon season, the river is largely a wide stream with wider sand banks on either side. The lush green landscape spurred by the fertile river creates a serene atmosphere that has to be experienced. The river is best experienced during the monsoons when the river is as powerful as the Ganges. The photo session that the scenery lends itself to is the canvas that photographers dream of.

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