Chipilima Hydro Electric Project, Sambalpur

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The Chipilima Hydro Electric Project is a power generation plant that harnesses the hydro-electric power of the Mahanadi River. Located around 32 kilometers outside of Sambalpur, the Chipilima Hydro Electric Project provides a serene getaway from the noise and pollution of the city.

The project harnesses the power of a natural waterfall. With the water falling from a height of nearly 25 m, the surrounding area makes for a picture perfect picnic area.

The best way to experience Chipilima Hydro Electric Project and its surrounding area is to take a day trip. The waterfall is a microcosm of the awe-inspiring power of the Mahanadi River. The vistas the one can see near the waterfalls stand testimony to the natural beauty of the area. Panoramic views and several photos later, tourists may also proceed to see the famous Ghanteswari Temple located close by.

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