Vikramkhol, Sambalpur

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Vikramkhol is a rock shelter or cave dating back to the Mesolithic period (between 3000 and 4000 BC). The caves have some form of inscriptions or art engraved into the walls of the cave. Located 81 km outside of Sambalpur, the caves and the infamous inscriptions first came to light through the efforts of a historian K. P. Jaiswal.

He was lead to the caves by a monk circa 1933 and the findings were published in an archeological journal in 1935. Since then researchers have thronged Vikramkhol, but have so far been unable to decipher the inscriptions on the walls.

The rock shelter is believed to be 37 m long and nearly 8 meters high. The caves are located within forest area. Paved roads and communication have not been established in an attempt to preserve the area. A visit to Vikramkhol is a sure ticket to time travel, thousands of years into the distant past of humanity.

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