Kandhara, Sambalpur

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Kandhara is a place of religious significance for the followers of the late saint poet Bhima Bhoi. Located 78 km away from Sambalpur, Kandhara is the quaint untainted village untouched by the commercialized tourism. The birth place of Saint Bhima Bhoi, the village offers tranquility and a quite get away from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced world. Saint Bhima Bhoi was the soul of the religious faith called Alekha Dharma or Mahima Dharma.

As a poet Bhima Bhoi lent his voice to nearly one million people stuck in the island that was Odisha in 1866. The overflowing rivers that surround Odisha in a state of flooding cut off food and first aid relief efforts to Odisha. As a poet Bhima Bhoi (born blind) turned the anguish that he felt and turned it into a poetry that wrenches the heart out of the reader. Visit the village to escape the tourist crowd and experience Odisha as it was meant to be.

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