Diengiei Peak, Ri Bhoi

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Diengiei Peak is located to the west of the Shillong plateau and is one of the most spectacular view-points of the region. It is just two hundred feet lower than the Shillong peak. From the summit of the peak, one can get a breathtaking view of the beautiful green hills and mountains of the East Khasi Hills. One can also see several small villages in the form of tiny dots at a distance. From the Diengiei Peak, one could also see the Umiam Lake with Shillong at its backdrop. 

It is absolutely the most perfect place for one who wants to forget the world and become one with nature. At the top of the Diengiei, there is a huge cup shaped hollow which some geologists believe to be the crater from an extinct pre-historic volcano. To reach Diengiei Peak, one may hire a local taxi from Shillong, that will take you via the Umiam-Union Christian College-Mawmaram motor able road.

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