Thannamandi Sarai, Rajouri

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Thannamandi Sarai is located on the ancient Mughal Road to the north of Rajouri at a distance of 24 km. This site acts as the popular halting place for the tourists going to Kashmir Valley via the Rattan Shah Pir Pass. Thannamandi Sarai is known among people for its beautiful and unique ornamental carvings. Visitors will discover two enclosures at this site out of which one is a plain walled place known as ‘Am Khasa’ and the other is a cellular quadrangle.

There are 36 cells and 2 rectangular dalans in the first apartment. After reaching the first apartment, tourists would discover that these cells lead them to the courtyard through arched alcoves. The rectangular dalans at first apartment have 3 chambers along with 3 separate openings. Three large inter-connected chambers can be sighted at the eastern side of Thannamandi Sarai. Several bawlis adorned with sculptured friezes can be found in proximity to the site. Moreover, Shahdara Sharif can be explored as it is located at a distance of 6-7 km from Thannamandi Sarai.

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