Ziarat Sain Illahi Bakash Sahib, Poonch

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Ziarat Sain Illahi Bakhsh Sahib is a shrine of a famous Soofi Saint known as Saint Illahi Bakhsh Sahib. The shrine is situated in the village of Battalkote, which is 37 km away from the town of Poonch. Battalkote is quite a beautiful village located amidst Pir Panchal Mountain range and confluence of two springs namely, Nain Sukh and Nandi Shool. This religious site is encircled by thick forests, beautiful mountains, maize fields and water bodies.In 1948, Ziarat Sain Illahi Bakhsh Sahib came here and lived for the rest of his life and died on 16th May, 1976. Just four days prior to his death he had informed his followers that he will die soon.

Before his death he chose the place for his burial. He also asked them to keep his body uncovered for public view for three days. As a Soofi saint and a preacher, he continuously worked for human kind by spreading the message of brotherhood, peace, and love.Each year in May, an Urs is held in memory of Saint Sahib and devotees in a large number participate in the celebration irrespective of caste and religion. The involvement and the contribution of the non-Muslims in Urs, has become a sign of combined cultural heritage.

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