Gurudwara Nangali Sahib, Poonch

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Gurudwara Nangali Sahib is situated at a distance of around 7 km from Poonch on a small hill. Located on the banks of Drungali Stream, this gurudwara is one of the oldest religious centres of Sikh community. More than a thousand of devotees visit here annually to offer their prayers.Constructed by Thakur Bhai Mela Singh, the fourth descendant of Sant Bhai Feru Singh in 1803, this gurudwara is thronged by devotees all the time. The first king of Singh Dynasty, Maharaja Ranjit Singh came here during 1814 and in 1823 he connected four villages with this gurudwara.

The complex of the gurudwara currently consist 70 rooms and a langar hall or community kitchen.During 1947, the building of the gurudwara was destroyed and the renovation work was done by Mahant Bachitar Singh. A religious gathering takes place in the premises of the gurudwara on every Sunday. A big function is organised here every year on Baisakhi, a popular Sikh festival.

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