Swami Budha Amarnath Ji Temple, Poonch

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Swami Budha Amarnath Ji Temple is one of the most sacred religious centres for Hindus, which is situated around 25 km from Poonch. The temple is positioned in the middle of the Pir Panchal Mountain at the confluence of Gagri and Pulsta Nadi streams.Prepared out of a big stone, the shrine has four doors facing each direction namely, north, east, south, and west. This means that the temple can be visited by all the four castes of Hindus. It includes the Brahmins or the priests, the Kshatriyas or the soldiers, the Vaishyas or the merchants and the Shudras or the service providers.

A white stone Shiva Linga is placed in this temple along with other idols of Hindu gods.People take a bath in the springs present here before going inside the temple as these are considered sacred. A fair known as Mela Swami Budha Amarnath Ji is celebrated every year on the eve of Raksha Bandhan, a popular Hindu festival. A gathering is organised here on Dashnami Akhara Poonch, where havan or homa and a pooja of Chhari Mubarak or Holy Mace are held.

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