Shri Dashnami Akhara Mandir, Poonch

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Shri Dashnami Akhara Mandir located in the town of Poonch is one of the most popular temples located in the district. During 1760, a well-known religious guru, Swami Jawahar Giri Ji came here. Rustam Khan, who was the emperor of Poonch that time, visited here to pay his tribute to Swami Ji. In his honour, the king added more land at this spot. Swami Ji lived here until he took Samadhi, which is a spiritual state of consciousness in 1787. Devotees can see his Samadhi, which is in the premises of the temple.Later on several other gurus came here, including Swami Shamaya Nand Ji, a great scholar of Sanskrit who also began a Sanskrit school in the compound of the temple.

Swami Shankarya Nand Giri Ji, Swami Parma Nand Ji, and Swami Satya Nand Saraswati are the other spiritual gurus who stayed here.At the moment, the seat of Shri Dashnami Akhara Mandir is occupied by Swami Satya Dev Ji. The festival of Chhari Mubarak or Holy Mace is celebrated every year with great zeal and enthusiasm on the day of Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu festival.

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