Trekking, Peermede

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Trekking in Peermede is an amusing and interesting activity for adventure buffs as well as for a laid back traveler. Trekking through the misty mountains with silvery streams is truly a riveting experience as one feels spiritually connected to the nature and its magnificent manifestations. There are many trekking trails in Peermede and trekkers can delve deep into the veiled mysteries of this hilly territory. Cycling and horse riding attracts tourists and youngsters to explore the lush green surroundings. Kalthotti, Vagamon, Karandakapara, Grampi, Paranthupara and Memala are the major hills in Peermede which provide trekking and cycling trails. Winter is the ideal season for those who aspire to engage in adventurous sports and activities. Backpackers are recommended to carry food and water while venturing into trekking.


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