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Peermede has a soothing climate throughout the year. Travelers can opt to spend their summers in this hilly terrain. Another great time to visit Peermede is soon after the monsoons when the surroundings are fresh with greenery. The months of June and July, when monsoon hits Peermede with heavy showers, should be preferably avoided.


The season of summer begins in Peermede from the month of March and is continued till the last quarter of May. The maximum temperature during this season is 29°C, and the minimum temperature is around 22°C. Peermede does not experience intense summers it being a hilly region. A trip to Peermede during summer will rejuvenate those who want to get away from the burning heat of cities.


Monsoons in Peermede are characterised by intense rains and strong winds. Monsoon starts in June and is generously extended till September. Though the sight of the hills getting drenched in showers is charming, the season is not recommended for a visit. Heavy and incessant showers will hinder outdoor activities like trekking and cycling.


Winter arrives in Peermede by November, and it hits the region hard. Winter is characterised by mildly chilly days and extremely chill nights. The temperatures during this season range from 18°C to 12°C. Travelers who visit Peermede during winter are advised to carry winter clothes and pullovers.