Thrissanku Hills, Peermede

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Thrissanku Hills are located at a distance of 4km from the hilly tracts of Peermede. The view from these hills will indeed leave a spectator spellbound. It is an ideal spot for a vacation as visitors can quietly contemplate amidst the gentle breeze, rolling hills and the lovely landscapes of Thrissanku Hills. While walking through the cobbled paths of the hills, especially during the sunset, one can feel the serenity of this spot getting amplified. The sight of the vibrant hues of bright orange and red splattered across the skies with the majestic hills in the backdrop makes a traveler’s day. Thrissanku Hills is an ideal spot for casual trolling and soft trekking. It serves as a one-stop destination for family tours, biking trips, trekking camps, one day trips and honeymooning. Those with a flair for photography will find this place a goldmine to explore and capture.


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