Subathu, Parwanoo

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Subathu is a cantonment area situated on the Himalayan foothills, 39 km away from Parwanoo. Nestled at an altitude of around 4500 ft above sea level, the place is now a regimental centre for Gurkhas of the Indian army.

Nestled amid nature, Subathu is enveloped by forests of bamboo, pine, and scrub along with eucalyptus. One of the most noticeable structures of this army town is the ancient Viceregal Lodge that was built during the 1880s.

It was used by high military officials while passing through the destination. An old graveyard situated in the area also attracts visitors. Travellers can also visit the Gurkha Museum and the ruins of the Gurkha Fort present in Subathu.

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