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  • 01Hatu Peak

    Hatu Peak is a popular tourist destination of the town of Narkanda, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. At a height of 3300 m, the peak is the highest point of the town and offers a bird’s-eye view of the Himalayan Range, its snow covered mountains, dense pine forests, apple orchards and green paddy fields.

    Situated at a distance of only 8 km from Narkanda, hiking is the sole option to reach the peak. The Hatu Peak also holds a significant religious position in the region as it is the place where the Hatu Mata temple is located.

    Apart from the temple, there is a PWD guest house, which offers a place for visitors to relax and unwind, and a pond on the peak. A spectacular view of the Dhumari and the Jau Bagh along with meadows can also be seen from this peak.

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  • 02Stokes Farm

    Stokes Farm

    Stokes Farm is a prime tourist attraction, located close to Narkanda at Thanedar in Himachal Pradesh. This farm is well-known for its delicious apples which are sold and recognised internationally.

    Sprawling over a vast area, this farm features numerous apple orchards assuring a fresh and green atmosphere to the visitors. The man behind this commercialised apple cultivation is Samuel Stokes, an American who, influenced by Indian philosophy, came to India in 1904 and started this farm.

    The best time to visit Stokes Farm is during the month of April when the apple trees blossom and convert the farm into an alluring white valley. Harvesting season, that starts in the month of July and lasts till September is another ideal time to visit.

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  • 03Jalori Pass

    Jalori Pass, located at a height of 3550 m above sea level, is a popular tourist destination of Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh. Placed at a distance of 90 km from Narkanda, visitors travel through the Sutlej Valley crossing the beautiful sceneries of Luhri, Ani and Khanag of the Kullu Valley on their way to the pass.

    Lake Sarolsar, situated near the pass amidst lush green forests, can be reached after a short 30 minute’s walk from there. The Shringa Rishi Temple, a prominent worship place of the Banjar Valley, is located in proximity to the Pass.

    According to a legend, a sacred stone known as “Pindi” placed in the jungle would request every passer-by for its installation in a temple. The pass connects Kullu Valley with Rampur, Shimla and Kinnaur. Visitors can also travel from Shimla to Manali via the Pass which offers one of the best mountain biking experiences in the state.

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  • 04Mahamaya Temple

    Mahamaya Temple

    Mahamaya Temple, dedicated to the Hindu goddess of time and change, Kali, is a well-known tourist destination of Kacheri, Himachal Pradesh. Built by the king of Sundarnagar inside the royal palace there, its architectural style is similar to that of a fort.

    Located at an elevation of 1810 m above sea level, the entrance to the temple is made with materials including silver, wood and aluminium sheets. The location of the temple makes it ideal for meditation and relaxation.

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  • 05Kotgarh And Thanedhar

    Kotgarh And Thanedhar

    Kotgarh and Thanedhar, located at an elevation of 1830 m above sea level, at a distance of 17 km from Narkanda, are two renowned tourist destinations in the state of Himachal Pradesh. While Kotgarh, located on the left bank of river Sutlej, is an ancient valley famous for its U shape, Thanedhar is popular for its apple orchards.

    Visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of the Kullu Valley and the snow covered mountains of the mighty Himalayas from the Kotgarh Valley. The famous writer Rudyard Kipling, in one of his short stories named ‘Lispeth’, called Kotgarh the “Mistress of the Northern Hills”. The two places are regarded as the greenest valleys of Narkanda because of their large apple farms and orchards.

    The famous Stokes Farm, initiated by Samuel Stokes, an American who, deeply influenced by Indian philosophy, came to India in 1904, is also located here in Thanedhar. The apples of the Stokes Farm include varieties such as the Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Royal Delicious apples which are known in the international market for their freshness and taste.

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  • 06Skiing


    Skiing is a popular winter adventure sport among tourists in the snowy slopes of Narkanda, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Narkanda caters to both beginners and experienced skiers with its slopes having different toughness levels.

    The snow covered mountain of Narkanda serves as a dividing point between Shimla and Rampur. The tourism development corporation of Himachal Pradesh conducts various skiing courses every year from the month of January to March. The season for skiing in Narkanda starts in the month of December and lasts till March.

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  • 07Trekking


    Trekking is one of the most popular adventure sports that can be undertaken in Narkanda. A well connected trekking route, which links Hatu Peak and Narkanda, is popular among visitors.

    The trekking routes are surrounded by forests of pine, oak, rhododendron, deodar, sil, fir and spruce enriching the scenery. Travellers can also camp in the meadow of Joh Bagh, situated amid nature, to unwind.

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