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Nalanda Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Nalanda

  • 01Ghora Katora

    Ghora Katora

    Ghora Katora Lake is a small but beautiful and serene picnic spot near Rajgir. According to Hindu mythology, King Jarasandha from Indian epic Mahabharata, had his stable; here, hence the name Gohra Katora. It is located near World Peace Pagoda.

    Surrounded by small hills, the lake looks picturesque and makes for an ideal trip. Horse carts or tongas and bicycles help tourists reach it. One can enjoy boating here. It is advised to visit the place in the morning as the entry to the lake closes at 2 pm. It is a very relaxing place and all one can hear is the sound of wind and water.

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  • 02Hirnay Parwat

    Hirnay Parwat

    Hirnay Parvat was also called Odantapuri or Uddandapura at the time of Pala dynasty. Founded in the 8th century by the Pala King Dharmpala, Hirnay Parwat used to be a buddhist vihara or garden located on the banks of the river Panchanan.

    It has now been developed into a town by Bihar sharif, the headquarter of Nalanda district, 13 km away from the ruins of Nalanda. The Hirnay Parwat is more popular as Bari Pahari amongst locals.

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  • 03Saraswati River

    Saraswati River

    The famous vedic age river Saraswati has dried up, but its namesake and a river as old as Saraswati has been revived at Rajgir in the Nalanda district. The administration took the initiative and dug out water and gave the river a fresh lease of life. Ghats have also been constructed alongside it for people to take a dip in the river.

    The irrigation department dug as much as 3.5 km to reach the water level of the river. Saraswati which was considered dead and just a dry sandy stretch, is now flowing in its orginal form. Ancient religious texts have elaborately mentioned the sanctity of the river. According to Vayu Puran, the river is so pious that taking a dip in the river is equivalent to bathing in the ganges for one full year.

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