Renuka Wildlife Park, Nahan

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Renuka Wildlife Park is a popular tourist destination near Dadahu, a small town of Sirmaur District, located approximately 15 km away from Nahan. Sprawling over a wide area of 402.80 hectares of land, which includes the Renuka Lake, this wildlife park is home to many indigenous flora and fauna of the region. Exotic animals like lion tailed macaques, Asiatic lions, red-jungle fowl, Indian antelope, sambar, chital, and Himalayan black-bears are found here. A colourful population of birds, including black- pheasant, peacocks, and various species of aquatic birds can be found here.

Recreational activities like lion safaris, boating, and trekking are offered in the park. A mini zoo is also present inside the wildlife park. Cafeteria and tourist bungalows are also present for the convenience of tourists visiting the wildlife park. There is a temple in proximity to the Renuka Wildlife Park, which is an added attraction for the tourists.

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