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Tripura Sundari Temple, Naggar

The Tripura Sundari Temple is a popular tourist destination located at Naggar in Himachal Pradesh. Famous for its pagoda style of architecture, is it a colossal wooden structure with three roofs. Topped with a ‘chhatra’, the overall structure looks like a canopy of pinnacles.

Images and stone statues of various Hindu gods and goddesses such as, Ganesha, the elephant-god, Vishnu, the god of preservation, Brahma, the god of creation, can be seen in the temple. In addition, an idol of Tripura Rakshasa is enshrined there.

Its proximity to the Naggar bus stop makes the temple easily accessible. The temple was built by Raja Yashodhapal a few centuries ago. However, a folklore associated with the temple structure says that a goddess transformed herself into a spider and constructed the temple in the shape of a web.

The month of May is considered ideal for a visit to the temple as the 'Sharhi Jatra', a well-known fair held annually in honour of deities, takes place here.

Tripura Sundari Temple Photos

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