Nagarjunasagar Dam, Nagarjuna Sagar

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Nagarjunasagar Dam was the world’s largest dam to be built of stone and brick during the time of its inauguration. The dam lies very close to the town on Nagarjunasagar in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh.

Nagarjunasagar Dam has been constructed over River Krishna. The project work on the dam was started in 1955 and was completed by 1967. The dam has the capacity to create a water reservoir of 11,472 million cubic meters. It stands at a majestic height of 490 feet and is about 1.6 km long, offering a spectacular view to visitors. It has a total of 26 gates that measure 42 feet wide and 45 feet long.

The dam has a lot of importance in the history of India because it was the first project to be initiated as part of the Green Revolution in the country. It was also the first dam that to be used for the purpose of irrigation as well as for providing hydro-electricity to the surrounding region.




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