Ethipothala Waterfalls, Nagarjuna Sagar

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Ethipothala Waterfalls are located very close to the Nagarjunasagar town and are some 11 km from the Nagarjunasagar dam.

The waterfalls are a result of cascading down of river Chandravanka, a tributary of river Krishna, from a height of 70 feet. In fact, the waterfalls have the combined waters of three rivers, Chandravanka Vagu, Tummala Vagu and the Nakkala Vagu. The water from the Falls joins river Krishna after it passes through the Nagarjunasagar dam. The fall is about 3 km from the river.

The Falls are a major tourist attraction and are visited by many people throughout the year. The location of the waterfalls is absolutely breathtaking. It is situated amidst a forest, and the cascading waters of the falls provide a picturesque environment. The government of Andhra Pradesh has built a view point on a hillock that lies close to the Falls. The Ranganatha and Dattatreya temples are very close to the falls.




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