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Murudeshwar Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Murudeshwar

  • 01Murudeshwar Beach

    Murudeshwar Beach, one of the picturesque spots of Murudeshwar, is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and hills. As per legends, it is believed that due to the piece of Pranalinga thrown by Ravana, the water of Murudeshwar became holy. The beach is also known for the beautiful Murudeshwar Shrine that is located on a hillock.

    There are beautiful statues and carvings at the temple that attract a lot of tourists and devotees. It is suggested that tourists should visit this site in order to witness some traditional rituals, including buffalo race locally termed Kambala, Korikatta and Bhuta (spirit) worshipped at this place.

    Visitors can also view the tall Shiva idol placed in the Murudeshwar Temple from the beach. Travellers can involve themselves in several water activities, such as fishing, boat ride and swimming. Additionally, the beach is an ideal place to take sunbath. Tourists can visit the place, if they have time, throughout the year.

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  • 02Murudeshwar Temple & Raja Gopura

    Murudeshwar Temple & Raja Gopura, located at Kanduka Giri Hill, is one of the prime attractions of Murudeshwar and must be visited by all tourists. This temple is surrounded by the Arabian Sea from the three sides. The location of the temple is said to be the spot where Lord Ganesha, in the form of a Brahmin boy, put down the Atma Linga that he was holding for Ravana.

    Devoted to Lord Shiva, tourists can see the 123 ft high statue of Shiva along with the Shivalinga at this temple. Travellers are advised to visit this temple while on their journey to Murudeshwar just to see the massive statue.

    Tourists can see several sculptures, such as concrete sculptures of maidens, in the temple premises. It also has a twenty-storied Rajagopura with two full sized elephants at its entrance. The temple is built using granite and showcases the South Indian style of architecture.

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  • 03Statue Of Lord Shiva

    Travellers visiting Murudeshwar can move ahead to see a huge Statue of Lord Shiva, only if they have time at hand. This statue is considered to be one of the tallest idols, with the height of 123 ft, in the world.

    The idol took around two years to be completed and was financed by R.N. Shetty, a businessman and philanthropist and was constructed by Shivamogga's Kashinath along with his son Sridhar. The estimated amount spent on the temple by the financiers is in the tune of Rs. 50 million.

    This statue is planned in a way that sunlight directly falls on it and creates a sparkling appearance. Initially, the idol had four hands, which were decorated with gold paint. However, due to the heavy wind gusts, the arm that had the small drum blew off, while the paint also got dissolved due to rains.

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