Gurdwara Puddha Sahib, Mohali

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Gurdwara Puddha Sahib is one of the popular Sikh shrines located in the vicinity of Mohali. Also known as Gobindgarh Sahib, this beautiful Gurdwara is associated with the renowned saint, Peer Puddhu Shah, who was a follower of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. His nephew, Baba Bhikam Singh, meditated at this site for around 200 years.

After his death, Baba Ram Singh Ji constructed a huge shrine at this place along with a memorial for Baba Bhikam Singh. The Gurdwara complex encompasses a Darbar Sahib, a Sarovar Sahib, a Langar Hall, a Darshani Deodhi and a memorial of Peer Puddhu Shah called Yaad Ghar. Blessed to fulfil the wishes of anyone and everyone who come to visit the shrine, this Gurdwara is a recommended tourist for pilgrims.

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