Bhadreshwar, Mandvi

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Bhadreshwar is located 32 kms from the taluka of Mundra, with less than a kilometre from the seashore. It is a place of great religious significance which doesn't get the appreciation it deserves. Bhadreshwar is one of the major centres of Jain pilgrimage in Gujarat. There is no clear evidence as to when this place was founded. It is believed that the original idol of Parshavanath, which is from 500 BC is in one of the 52 small shrines surrounding the main temple. The main temple is made of white marble and has majestic pillars, making it a wonderful sight.

Apart from the Jain complex, Bhadreshwar also has two mosques built during the late 12th century. This clearly indicates Iranian invasion to Gujarat decades before Islam swept to Delhi by land.

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