Kamlah Fort, Mandi

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Kamlah Fort is situated at an elevation of 4772 ft in the village of Kamlah, which is close to the Hamirpur District. Located on the Sikandar Dhar Ranges, the fort was built in 1625 by Raja Suraj Sen of Mandi. It was destroyed in 1840 by Bentura, the General of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Later in 1846, the fort was refurbished by the kings of Mandi. The fort got its name from the local saint, named Kamlah Baba. Earlier, it was spread over 350 bighas, but the area has now been reduced to about 110 bighas. Many villages like Naun, Kathed, Jamandhar, Chamba, and Shamsherpur are located in proximity to this fort.Situated 80 km from Mandi, visitors can reach this fort by trekking through an adventurous route. As a result of recent excavations, some human skeletons were found at the Kamlah Fort.

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