Daitya Sudan Temple, Lonar

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The Daitya Sudan Temple at Lonar is styled in a similar manner to the Khajurao Temple. The temple was built in dedication to Lord Vishnu, during the 6th and 12th A.D. – the period during which India was under the reign of the mighty Chalukya Dynasty.

The temple looks like an irregular and asymmetrical star, resembling the Hemadpathi style of architecture. This place of worship has beautiful carvings on its walls. The idol itself is built with an ore and looks like it is made of stone.

The shrine is pretty dark and the carvings aforementioned are revealed only with the help of a torch light.The temple’s pedestal is about 1.5 metres high and the incomplete roof hints at an intended pyramidal tower that was not gone ahead with. The exterior walls to have carved figures depicts the history of that era.

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