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Ladnun Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Ladnun

  • 01Jain Vishva Bharati University

    Jain Vishva Bharati University

    Jain Vishva Bharati University is a renowned academic organisation located in Ladnun. It was established in the year 1970 and was formerly known as the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute. This centre of learning was founded by Acharya Tulsi who was head of the Jain Terapanth. The huge campus and its spirituality based education system attract the attention of tourists.

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  • 02Umarshahpir Dargah

    Umarshahpir Dargah

    Umarshahpir Dargah is the most ancient dargah located in the city of Ladnun. A dargah is basically a Sufi Islamic shrine which is built over the grave of a prestigious religious personality. Tourists can see here inscriptions dating back to the Islamic year, Hijri 772.

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  • 03Digambar Jain Bara Temple

    Digambar Jain Bara Temple

    Digambar Jain Bara Temple is a renowned tourist attraction of Ladnun. This temple is famous for beautiful idols of Jain tirthankaras, engraved pillars, a rare collection of art and ancient Jain manuscripts.

    According to the inscription found on one of the doors of the temple, it was constructed on Ashad Sukla 8, in the year 1136. This ancient temple has two vedica chambers where visitors can see the idols of second Tirthankara, Ajitnathji and sixteenth Tirthankara, Santinathji.

    Tourists can also see two huge, artistically designed doors in front of these two idols. The temple has an art gallery which displays 166 marble idols of various Jain Tirthankaras. Apart from these idols, tourists can also see several other statues made of metals.

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  • 04Salasar Balaji

    Salasar Balaji

    Salasar Balaji, also known as Salasar Dham, is a highly revered religious centre located at a distance of 37 km from Ladnun. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Hanuman who is also popularly known as Balaji. On the full moon days in the Indian months of Chaitra (March) and Ashvin (September and October), a huge fair is held here.

    A large number of devotees flock here on this occasion to offer their prayers to the deity. Tourists can also see Rani Sati Temple and Khatushyamji located close to Salasar Balaji. This religious site is also regarded as a 'Shakti Sthal'.

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  • 05Chhapar Sanctuary

    Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is located at a distance of 25 km from Ladnun. This sanctuary is famous for being home to the most elegant antelopes of India, 'Black bucks'. The verdant Acacia and Prosopis trees give a typical savannah look to the sanctuary. There are some seasonal ponds which serve as the water sources for the animals.

    This sanctuary is famous for a special type of grass called 'Mothiya' in the local language. The word 'Mothiya' is derived from the word 'Moti' meaning pearl. The seeds of the grass look like pearls and have a sweet taste. Tourists can enjoy eating these seeds which also serve as food for the black bucks and birds.

    Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is a halting place for migratory birds called harriers. During the month of September, these birds can be seen in large numbers in the sanctuary. The other commonly seen birds are eastern imperial eagles, tawny eagles, short-toed eagles, sparrows, little green bee-eaters, skylarks, crested larks, ring doves, brown doves, blue jays and black ibis.

    Bird lovers can see migratory birds like demoiselle cranes in the month of March which come from Eurasia. In addition to black bucks, travellers can also see here desert foxes, desert cats, partridges and sand grouse around the year.

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