Digambar Jain Bara Temple, Ladnun

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Digambar Jain Bara Temple is a renowned tourist attraction of Ladnun. This temple is famous for beautiful idols of Jain tirthankaras, engraved pillars, a rare collection of art and ancient Jain manuscripts. According to the inscription found on one of the doors of the temple, it was constructed on Ashad Sukla 8, in the year 1136.

This ancient temple has two vedica chambers where visitors can see the idols of second Tirthankara, Ajitnathji and sixteenth Tirthankara, Santinathji. Tourists can also see two huge, artistically designed doors in front of these two idols.The temple has an art gallery which displays 166 marble idols of various Jain Tirthankaras. Apart from these idols, tourists can also see several other statues made of metals.


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