Vizhinjam village, Kovalam

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Vizhinjam village lies in the state of Kerala and is only 3 km from the beach town of Kovalam. The village is an acclaimed place for its ayurvedic massage centers and beach resorts that enjoy favorable international reviews.

If you are interested in seeing a natural port then this is the place to head to. Recent archaeological excavations have shown that Vizhinjam village was a flourishing port city during ancient times. It carried out maritime trade during the Roman period and had good trade relations with countries along the coast of Red Sea.

During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the Portuguese and Dutch traders too came thronging to the place for selling their wares and buying the local wares. This is proved by the existence of a Portuguese church within the premises of the village, very close to the sea. This is the Old Vizhinjam Church.

If you have time then definitely try the soothing and relaxing massages with herbal oils.


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