Vizhinjam fishing harbor, Kovalam

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Vizhinjam fishing harbor is known for housing the plant that is responsible for generating electricity from the energy produced by sea waves. This electricity is then utilized by the local electricity grid. The plant is one of its kinds in India and is based on the principle of oscillating water column.

The plant was set up in December of 1990 and since then has already successfully tested two generations of power modules. Today, the plant is responsible for supplying more than 80% of wave energy to the project of civil construction. Even now work studies and experiments are being carried out to improve the working of the plant. If you are around the area then it would be a good idea to visit the fishing harbor and catch a glimpse of this latest technology. If you are lucky you can also get someone to explain to you the workings of this plant and how it has improved the lives of the local people.


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