Valiathura Pier, Kovalam

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Valiathura Pier is a famous pier located in the suburbs of Thiruvananthapuram. The pier takes its name from the suburb it is located in, Valiathura. The place once enjoyed the distinction of being the only port in Kerala along the South Coast. Valiathura lost its prominence when Kochi became the hub of all maritime activity. Today, the place is only a fishing village.

The famous Valiathura Pier is more than 50 years old and has a large section of godowns at the back. These godowns would be bursting at the seams with merchandise when Valiathura was a flourishing port. The pier was built in shallow waters and used for unloading goods from the ships. The ships could not be anchored into the shallow waters, and the goods were transferred from the ships and onto the pier using smaller boats. These days the fishermen use the weakened pier for casting their catamarans into the sea. However, visitors are not allowed onto the pier for safety reasons.


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