Analothbhava Matha Church, Kovalam

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Analothbhava Matha Church is a very ancient church along the coast of a fishing village near Kovalam. The church is only 6 km away from the Kovalam beaches and offers a panoramic view of the area. The church leads a cozy existence amidst the thick and dense forests. During monsoons the place has an almost fairytale-like quality to it.

A short walk from the church will lead you to the white sand beaches and small villages where fishing is the only means of livelihood. An interesting fact about the beach close to the church is that it is the only beach in Kerala that remains unspoiled due to erosion of the sea. The beach is quite long and remains unaffected by the waters of the sea since the sea is at a receding point here.

People with a religious bent of mind can enjoy masses in the church on Sunday, Monday and on Friday.


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