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Kotkhai Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Kotkhai

  • 01Kotkhai Palace

    Kotkhai Palace

    Kotkhai Palace constructed by King Rana Saab, is the prominent attraction of Kotkhai, which rests on an old mountain cliff. The palace offers a magnificent view of the river Giri Ganga that flows through the foot of the cliff. The palace is known by the name of Bassa by the natives of the region.

    The palace portrays the Tibetan style of architecture with a pagoda-style roof. It is built on a raised platform and has a wooden structure, which depicts the artistic excellence of artisans of ancient era.

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  • 02Mahamai Temple

    Mahamai Temple

    Mahamai Temple of Kotkhai is a popular tourist attraction, which is situated in the midst of lush green surroundings. The peaceful environment of the region attracts tourists from the far-flung areas. The temple is flocked by the pilgrims all round the year, who come to offer their prayers.

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  • 03Lankra Veer Temple

    Lankra Veer Temple

    Lankra Veer Temple of Kotkhai is a noted temple situated amidst serene atmosphere. The tranquil and serene surroundings of the place add to its charm.

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  • 04Nera Ghati

    Nera Ghati

    Nera Ghati is a popular tourist spot in the region, which is noted for its breathtaking beauty. This place is ideal for a day’s picnic.

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  • 05Kiala Forest

    Kiala Forest

    Kiala Forest is a popular tourist attraction in Kotkhai, which is renowned for its scenic beauty. The cool and serene environment of the place attracts tourists from all over the country.

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  • 06Dhilon Pond

    Dhilon Pond

    Dhilon Pond is a beautiful pond situated amid forests in Kotkhai. The natives of the region believe that the water of the pond is divine. It is not a developed tourist spot and is still untouched by commercialisation. The natives of the region often provide shelter to the tourists if required urgently.

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